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Your brand identity is more than visual components like logos and colors. It’s an expression of your business’ purpose and beliefs. Creating a brand that evokes emotion from your customers will inspire them not only to buy, but buy in. Our integrated approach to brand strategy starts with human-centered design and research to understand your customers, and blends in your core values as a company. The result is an unforgettable personality your audience will rally around.

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Capabilities for All Stages

Logos & Brand Identity

As a leading startup branding agency, we help early companies define their brand for the first time. We start by identifying your audience and core values. Then, we map the landscape of competitive and comparative brands to chart a differentiated direction in your space. Once we understand these fundamentals, we design a visual identity including your logo, color palette, type styles, brand guidelines and marketing assets. You'll walk away with all the essentials you need to establish your company as a credible market leader.

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Brand Guidelines Design

We helped startup Daylight craft a vibrant brand that’s accessible to all.
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Product-Brand Harmonization

jKoncept’s roots are in product design, which sets us apart from most brand agencies. We carefully consider the integration of brand and product to craft a brand that feels at home in your product, with signature branded moments in your product UX. This interplay is key to forming an emotional connection with customers and ensuring consistency throughout the customer journey.

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Product and Brand Design

Creating a unified product and marketing experience across mobile, web, and marketing.
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Brand Strategy & Scalability

For enterprises or companies with established brands, we can help you zoom out and understand the role of your brand across your company, and set up your brand to scale. This includes establishing naming and visual conventions for growing product portfolios, defining voice and tone for consistent copy, and building systems for co-branding + legacy brand integration.

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Enterprise branding design

A strong brand system helps unify the complex product portfolio at logistics technology leader Cal Amp.