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Daylight is changing the way coaches and students work together in a remote world, with their unique approach to video-based feedback. The app connects students with top pro- and semi-pro sports coaches, music teachers and more through asynchronous video messaging and text messaging. Students record themselves performing, share videos with their Daylight coach, and receive annotated feedback complete with voice narration from their coach. We worked with Daylight to take the product from an early, whiteboard-sketched idea to a vibrant brand and easy-to-use MVP product. We also leveraged low-code technologies like Webflow to help them create a dynamic coach marketplace with reduced engineering investment.

The daylight brand shines through on both student- and coach-facing marketing pages of their website.

Responsive Website

We designed and developed a responsive website that combines marketing content with a dynamic coach marketplace. Prospective students can view a coach's profile and sign up to start working with them, either for a one time skills review or on an ongoing basis. After signup, they receive a link to download the mobile app where they send videos to their coach for feedback.

A Vibrant Brand

The Daylight brand is approachable and fun, inviting students of all ages to connect with great coaches and improve their skills. We designed a set of emoji and characters used across touch-points, including in the mobile app for placeholder user photos and messaging emoji. The vibrant brand palette we created for Daylight shines through in these emoji.

Power & Simplicity for Coaches

After conducting dozens of research sessions with coaches in sports, music, art and other industries, we understood the pain of remote coaching due to a lack of available tools for the task. We crafted Daylight's MVP app to include simple video annotation tools for coaches to send feedback to their students, and iterated on this key flow of their native app as we learned from coaches in the alpha rollout.

Scalable Brand System

We created a scalable MVP brand system for Daylight to enable consistency across their digital product, marketing channels, and offline marketing materials.

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Ready to bring your vision to life?

Ready to bring your vision to life?

Ready to bring your vision to life?

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