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Google Assistant + Volvo

Drivers today expect more from their cars. From the best in music and entertainment to keeping up with busy schedules and communications, vehicle owners increasingly rely on their cars to deliver enjoyable and productive rides. We designed and prototyped a voice-forward infotainment system to extend the power of the Google Assistant into Volvo cars. Moving beyond connecting your phone to your car's speakers, the next generation system delivers a seamless, intelligent experience that is deeply tied to all vehicle controls. The in-vehicle Google Assistant allows drivers to do everything from open the sunroof to check traffic with just their voice, and enriches on-screen infotainment apps with smart contextual suggestions.

Your thoughtful assistant, from the start of your journey

From the moment the driver turns on their vehicle, smart suggestions orchestrated by the Assistant provide users with one touch actions based on the current context. On the way to a meeting? Share your ETA with the organizer in one tap. When it's time to fill up or do maintenance, taking care of your vehicle is a breeze with the help of the Assistant.

Just ask Google

Vehicle Controls

The Assistant helps you stay comfortable while keeping your eyes safely on the road, with easy access to vehicle and cabin controls via voice.


We all need a little help from our friends. The Assistant works with Google Maps to get drivers where they need to go. It handles complex tasks like adding stops or finding fuel/charging points with ease.

Deep contextual suggestions

Beyond assisting drivers via voice, the Assistant will show app- and context-based suggestions on screen throughout the infotainment system. Whether it's help finding the right beats for the ride, or keeping eyes on the road by switching search and browse tasks to voice, the Assistant is on deck to help.

Above: testing prototypes for attention safety in the automotive simulator lab.

Let's build the in-cabin experience of the future together.