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Polo by Ralph Lauren

The Polo brand has been iconic since namesake founder Ralph Lauren launched its first line of neckties in 1967. Since then, Polo has gained a following of millions of brand enthusiasts around the world. The Polo app helps these loyalists stay connected with the latest collections, editorial content, and interactive contests. But, the previous version of the Polo app was outdated and riddled with UX challenges causing low user retention and high cart abandonment. We partnered with Ralph Lauren and set out to reimagine the user experience from the ground up, modernizing the app and rethinking key features like interactive content to keep customers engaged. The result is the Polo 67 app, available now on the App Store and Google Play.

A new home, tailored to you

The Polo app invites users to engage with the brand by showing the stories they care about on the home tab. This content can is customized to the user’s gender, personal style interests and past purchases. Interactive content like polls give loyalists a new way to engage with the Polo community.

Stay on top of the latest collections

The upcoming releases calendar helps brand enthusiasts get the first chance to order when new collections drop. Notifications are made meaningful by following an opt in model in favor of mass broadcasts, where users can elect to receive a heads up when a collection they’re interested becomes available, goes on sale, etc.

Creating a scalable design system

We helped create a modern, scalable design system that bridges the gap between Ralph Lauren’s mobile apps, website, and other digital channels. The result is a consistent user experience that makes customers feel at home no matter where they engage.

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Ready to bring your vision to life?

Ready to bring your vision to life?

Ready to bring your vision to life?