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Fitbit Versa

Your watch is one of the most personal items you own. With the Versa series, Fitbit set out to evolve their earlier Ionic smartwatches, to make them a more capable and intelligent daily companion. The jKoncept team crafted the user experience of key features like messaging, notifications, music, and home screen controls on the Versa.

Red Dot Award Winning Product
The Versa smartwatch combines the sensible modern functions of a fitness tracker with the practical applications in urban everyday life."

UX Architecture

When designing for small screens like wearables, new features comes with new complexity. We architected a new, 3-layer UI system to scale as the Fitbit wearable OS became more robust.

A. Base Layer

This is the default layer where the home screens and app content is drawn, including 1st and 3rd party apps.

B. System Trays

The second layer is reserved for system use, such as the Control Center (Music, Payments and Quick Settings) and full screen dialogs.

C. Notifications Layer

The topmost layer is used to show notifications shades. This layer is only used for partial shades, never to cover the entire screen.

Control Center

The control center can be accessed anytime by holding down the left side button on the device. This gives the user quick access to critical features like making a payment, pausing or resuming music, and toggling do not disturb, from any app. If a user hasn't used Fitbit Pay or music features before, they see educational messaging explaining how to complete setup.

On-Wrist Messaging

One of the biggest pain points on Fitbit's previous smartwatch series was a lack of communication tools to help wearers stay connected while on the go. We designed a new notification and messaging experience with quick replies, making it easy to keep in touch right from your wrist.

Motivating with Music

Music has an incredible power to inspire. Whether it’s pushing you to run that extra mile, or lifting your mood on your commute home, the right tunes can get you there. We designed the onboard music experience to be an easy way to bring music with you even on a phone free run. The UX framework is extensible and supports multiple music providers including Pandora and Deezer.

How it Works: Pandora on Fitbit Versa Series Watches

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