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Snappy takes the guess work out of gift giving by allowing you to send a collection of gifts, curated by theme, and let the recipient choose their favorite option. After years of commercial success with their business platform, which allows coworkers and managers to send gifts to their team, Snappy wanted to adapt their offering to a consumer market. We worked with them to conceptualize, research and design a consumer version of their offering, and launch it in late 2022.

Find the perfect collection and customize it for a personal touch

Gift senders simply input a few of the recipient’s interests or hobbies to see recommended gift collections. Then, they can tailor collections by removing items they know the recipient may not enjoy before sending.

Add an e-card and check out in a breeze

Senders can add a scratch-to-reveal greeting animation and gift message to their gift email to make the recipient experience interactive and fun. By allowing senders to customize and preview their greeting during checkout, they have a clear understanding of how Snappy works and what their friend will receive.

Concept validation and research

A key early learning in developing the consumer version of the product was that shoppers are used to traditional e-commerce mental models, where they browse categories and select one specific gift to purchase. Snappy allows gift senders to send a bundle of choices, and let the recipient pick. We iterated on several homepage designs and education mechanisms to create an experience that is intuitive, and conducted several rounds of research to validate the direction.

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Ready to bring your vision to life?

Ready to bring your vision to life?

Ready to bring your vision to life?