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TetraScience is an enterprise software platform for the life sciences research space. Pharmaceutical companies and academic labs use Tetra's R&D data cloud to centralize lab data, harmonize data from various equipment manufacturers, and unlock collaboration for distributed remote research teams. We worked with TetraScience to refresh their branding and overhaul their marketing website, from content and structure through design and development.

Before: Inconsistent Design, Branding & Messaging

TetraScience's old website was disorganized and did not clearly communicate their product offerings. The site had evolved over time from when it was initially pieced together by an in house designer, to a fragmented and disconnected set of pages added on every time the company shipped a new set of features. Design inconsistencies between each page of the site made for a confusing user experience for visitors. Further, their branding in offline marketing materials was inconsistent, with incongruent color palettes and typography styles. This patchwork left prospects questioning TetraScience's fit for their enterprise.

Evolving the Brand & Creating a Scalable Design System

We created a scalable design system to maintain consistency across Tetra's robust corporate marketing site and other online + offline marketing materials. This started with a refreshed logo and refined mark, using a new brand color palette that speaks to their cutting edge position in the sometimes antiquated life sciences R&D industry. We layered on custom illustration styles and iconography to help simplify their complex offerings.

Redesigned. Rewritten. Rebuilt.

We helped TetraScience rethink how they talk about their products. Using the website project as our springboard, we developed audience-driven messaging tenets for each of their product offerings to reduce complexity and make them easy to understand even for non-technical buyers. This content informed the new information architecture of their redesigned marketing site. We layered on the vibrant new brand we crafted to design, develop and launch their new marketing website.

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Ready to bring your vision to life?

Ready to bring your vision to life?

Ready to bring your vision to life?